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[Note: Same deal. New muse, nervous mun. Bear with me while I sort out his voice/personality, jeez, okay, everything]
Semiazas : Chief demon of fallen angels. Mun apologises if he's a bastard to your muse, it's purely IC, he is after all, a demon.

He's the second of the fallen, being the first to follow Lucifer, the Morningstar, when he was cast out of heaven. and the Duke of Hell. A centauroid monster who wields an axe - this version appears as a man. (In the mun's way of thinking, all powerful demons could probably appear as whatever they wish)

Also believed to be this character: Samyaza (also Shemyazaz, Shamazya, Semiaza, Shemhazi, Semyaza and Amezyarak) is one of the leaders of the fall from heaven. Semiazas as played here, is Lucifer's rightleft hand man.

Semiazas is often with Iago, a gift from another Hell realm elsewhere in the universe. The beast was in fact part of a mating pair, a gift from the offworld demon. (And is blatantly nicked from the Chronicles of Riddick, purely because they're just beautiful)

He also keeps the more traditional Cerberus-type breed.

Anyone being hunted down and killed by a hellhound will forfeit their soul to Hell, whether or not they've lived a pristine life. It's fortunate that Semiazas is so busy with his duty to Lucifer, that he seldom gets the chance to hunt with them in the mortal world. But occasionally, he does. So don't go out when there's no visible moon.


I guess this is pretty much a canon demon, albeit slightly AU with the alien hellhounds, as opposed to my usual OC's. However any info on him is hard to glean; so let's keep this nice and simple, shall we? I tend not to stick to rigid scripture for my muse canon anyway, scripture is for man. The reality of Heaven and Hell is nothing like it's represented in any book.

Mun and muse are over 18.

Not Clive Owen. Not a demon. Not prepared to discuss my religious beliefs, but definitely not a devil-worshipper. I own nothing vaguely resembling a hellhound)
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